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Asset Score Distributions City Hall lhs, batch_run


ID 53d9751e9418786074000ceb
April end use electricity eui 80.5833 MJ/m²
Aspect ratio 0.464521 %
August end use electricity eui 82.2316 MJ/m²
Building area 8421.23 m²
Conditioned area 8421.23 m²
December end use electricity eui 119.906 MJ/m²
December end use natural gas eui 0.144701 MJ/m²
Economizer density 1 %
Electricity cooling eui 131.551 MJ/m²
Electricity fans eui 170.501 MJ/m²
Electricity heating eui 350.319 MJ/m²
Electricity interior equipment eui 174.138 MJ/m²
Electricity interior lighting eui 289.196 MJ/m²
Exterior fenestration area 1009.66 m²
Exterior roof area 2807.08 m²
Exterior wall area 2380.18 m²
February end use electricity eui 111.834 MJ/m²
February end use natural gas eui 0.242555 MJ/m²
Floor to floor height 3.0 m
Ground contact area 2807.08 m²
Infiltration rate 0.508464 m³/s
January end use electricity eui 137.857 MJ/m²
January end use natural gas eui 0.274259 MJ/m²
July end use electricity eui 86.2405 MJ/m²
June end use electricity eui 81.4574 MJ/m²
Latitude 41.78 deg
Lighting power 229437.0 W
Lighting power density 27.2451 W/m²
Longitude -87.8 deg
March end use electricity eui 96.018 MJ/m²
March end use natural gas eui 0.0476879 MJ/m²
May end use electricity eui 74.7628 MJ/m²
Natural gas heating eui 0.717235 MJ/m²
November end use electricity eui 83.0788 MJ/m²
November end use natural gas eui 0.00783579 MJ/m²
Occupant density 0.0538196
October end use electricity eui 81.7045 MJ/m²
October end use natural gas eui 0.000202182 MJ/m²
Orientation 84.4939 deg
September end use electricity eui 80.0323 MJ/m²
Site energy use 9401.66 GJ
Time setpoint not met during occupied cooling 330.17 hr
Time setpoint not met during occupied heating 746.67 hr
Time setpoint not met during occupied hours 1076.84 hr
Total building volume 25263.7 m³
Total electricity end use 9395.62 GJ
Total natural gas end use 6.04 GJ
Total occupancy 453.227
Total site eui 1116.42 MJ/m²
Total source eui 3534.22 MJ/m²
Unconditioned area 0.0 m²
Window to wall ratio east 29.78 %
Window to wall ratio north 29.78 %
Window to wall ratio south 29.78 %
Window to wall ratio west 29.78 %
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Measure Name Argument Name Value
  value USA_IL_Chicago-Midway.AP.725340_TMY3.epw
  xpath /building/address/weather-file